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A few months back I attended a foster care class. That night it was given by a man with many years in this field. If there is one thing I like, it is learning from those with experience.
I listened to him speak with my undivided attention, until he approached the subject of mistakes. He went on saying a child should pay for his or her mistakes. I immediately spoke up in opposition to his view. Well he said, if I were visiting you at your house and I knock over a glass and it breaks, wouldn’t you want me to pay for it. I said absolutely not.
I now have had time to think about it more and maybe he was right. This world would be a much better place if people didn’t make mistakes. Of course we have to start when kids are young. We need to teach them that mistakes are not acceptable in this modern world. Take for example a little leaguer. A ground ball to the shortstop and he picks it up and makes a perfect throw to the first baseman. The first baseman drops the ball. Did he drop it on purpose? I wouldn’t think so, so he must of made a mistake. He needs to pay for that mistake. I expect him to come to my house and mow my lawn right after the game. I didn’t get up early on a Saturday morning and sit on these frozen metal bleachers to see someone make a mistake. After all, we could lose the game. What about the rest of these parents, they need restitution too!
How about another example of mistakes that has to be paid for. A father invites his friends from work to meet his wife and 15 year old daughter. He is very proud of his daughter. When his friends arrive, he goes to introduce his wife and daughter, the daughter lets out a loud fart. Yes, if it was a son this happened to it would be funny and the daddy would be proud. But this is his baby girl. She didn’t do it on purpose, so it must have been a mistake. She needs to pay for it. She does have a pretty penny saved up for a car. Let take it all away. Your just not suppose to make mistakes.
The president of the US makes a mistake. Give him a rifle and send him to Irag. I know this is cruel, but a mistake by the president could cost billions and maybe even a life or two. He says he didn’t make the mistake. Yeah right, so did the kids.

Ohh crap! I just spilled my coffee. Oh ohh, a mistake. Please disregard all the above. I guess I’ll have to give this subject some more thought. I’ll just put it in my unfinished project file.

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