Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few hours of my day...

Ok… I’m nervous! Why? Because I had a job interview. Now I sit here thinking, what did I say that was probably stupid? What gestures did I make that were silly? Did I say the things they wanted to hear? Was I too personal? Did I shove my foot in my mouth unwittingly?

We had a Halloween party at work soon after I returned from the interview so that kept my mind from torturing me right away, but here its an hour later and I can’t seem to concentrate on work. In a way I do not want to leave this job and the new job will be for less money, but no more commute.... which will save almost 2 hours of my day away from home. (I commute with the hubby, it takes only 20-25 minutes to go each way, but because he starts an hour before I do, I sit in my office for an hour before work time). If I do get the job, it was meant to be. Keep your fingers crossed!

Man, to think of all the stuff I can do by staying home an extra hour and half each morning…I can go out and shovel manure or I could clean the kitchen.. HA!
Hmmm,… or I can always sit on my butt and watch my TiVo’d programs. Oh.. did I say that out loud?

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