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We have 2.5 acres and 5 horses (2 of which we graciously babysit for a friend). I love the look of 3 rail wood fencing and that is what we put up on the northern border of our property, but wood does not hold up when you have horses (especially a colt that thinks he is invincible and just barrels toward the fence. He has knocked about 8 rails off and 2 times we have had to go retrieve him from the adjacent field. On the east side we have regular field fencing put up with t-posts, on the west side we have pipe fence posts and field fencing. Then on the southern part of the pasture we have also put field fencing with t-posts. Our neighbors to the east of us have electric fencing which has zapped me a few times, but we do not mind the fence because it keeps our horses and their horse from leaning over the fences. Only thing is, when the neighbor’s father got zapped so hard a while back (ouch!), they hardly ever have it on anymore. So their lonely mare wants to be with my horses and proceeds to lean on the fence. The neighbors to the west of us, they also have electric fencing that is strung on plastic t-posts about 1 foot off the property line, but it seems that they don’t ever have it on, because their horses have bent our fence posts into our pasture by about a foot. So… I think we have to break down and get our own electric fencing, this way we can get zapped all on our own when we forget to stand clear of the electric fence…. HA!

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  1. I've been bit feeding the cows grass with dew on it. Got the grass too close to the fence...


    They should always have it turned on.. keeps out the predators (wild dogs/coyotes etc) too.


  2. What was even funnier about the one neighbor, they had it on and the lady was bringing us Marie Callender pies that we bought for a fund raiser and she didn't know and sure enough she got zapped and dropped the pies. She hated her son after that for not telling her that he started turning the fence on again.


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