Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am one to get periodically and thoroughly obsessed with something new. I am also one to get too involved with anything that has to do with the kids (who aren’t kids anymore). I was team mom for every kid in every sport and room mother each of my kids ten times over and I would save things that I thought another mother would think to be handy if they were to become over involved with their kids. I also collect pictures out of magazines of what I want to do when we remodel our home or a new project I want to try. There are so many magazines stuffed in every inconspicuous empty space I could find, about horse barns, scrap booking, recipes, getting organized, home d├ęcor and web design that I have no room left.
And as I write this, I think it funny that the other day I laughed at my husband for having too many junk drawers in the house and should combine the stuff and get it all out to the garage (the catch all for over storage of crap in the house).
Maybe it is time I get out that “getting organized” book and do something about it… oh wait, where the heck is it?

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