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Morning Quality Moments… everyone should have them. Right before the alarm is to go off (this is at about 5:15) you have time to just lay in each others arms and cuddle. Nice warm skin touching skin, you don’t open your eyes and you try and keep those extra few seconds of dark behind your eyelids. BUT… Then unfortunately you both have to pee. HA!
My husband came up with these initials, MQM, the other morning. First thing out of my mouth was, “hey, that would be good for the blog.”
This is only something that we have been doing for a short while now. The mornings used to be that he would get out of bed, make his lunch and then go turn on the tv for a while. For so many years he has always had to rise long before me. We carpool now and this makes it so I have to get outta bed way before my old body wants to, but I like it, because it gives us more time to spend together. I do end up at work an hour before my start time, but we sure save gas.
So, when I lay my head down at night I know that the next morning will bring another MQM.

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