Camping n' quads and horses...

by - 7/13/2008 07:12:00 AM

I love this weather. I want to go camping and I want to take the quads and the horses.

The last time we went camping when we had some of the kids out from California to visit. We had 4 of our 6 kids together and what a joy. We went out to a nice place where there are a lot of trails for quads, humans or horses.

Me and my boys and a neighbor friend went out on our quads. TRuck knew of a good trail to take that would bring us through some free range areas. There was one spot where I got myself in a rut, if you could keep the quad straddled you would drive right on through. I was straddled but creeped up too quickly on my son Boo in front of me and had to slow down and the quad slid into the rut…. LOL. Come to find out but this was the most treacherous trail in this neck of the woods, thanks son! But TRuck to the rescue and on we went. About 15 minutes later in a wooded area we all come to a abrupt halt behind Boo. We didn’t see why originally. TRuck was behind me, I was 5th in line. Then we saw it, not 10 feet from where the trail will go is a bull. A BULL, I say. This is a picture of what we saw (not one I took):




OKAY…. Not that kind of bull……..LOL… this kind:

The bull just stands there looking at us silly people as we watch him intently. TRuck comes around all of us and just eases into the small clearing and tells us to just go through. We all make it and that bull did not move an inch, he probably thought what stupid humans we were being afraid of him. We got back to the campsite and had a great laugh.

Yep, camping was always so much fun and besides where else could a family of 8 (plus each kid had to have a buddy along) could stay for just about nothing.

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  1. Hey, this is Tj from the ranch on salmon creek (not diesel diva... long story)like your blog thanks for visiting ours. You can add us to your blog roll if you want and I will be sure to check back into yours in the future as well. Blessings

  2. LOL-Those big bulls can be a little scary the way they just stand their ground and stare at you.
    I try to give them a wide berth in the pasture.

  3. LOL~I agree they can be alittle scary~staring you down!

  4. hehehe-- all I can see when I see a big bovine is: Steaks. Roasts. Burgers. Stew. YUUUUMMMMM!!! LOL

    But getting too close is a bad idea! LOL

  5. Sounds like fun! Better you saw a bull than a bear? I've never riden a quad. My sister has them and was really into it, but they are collecting dust now that her boyfriend is into horses, too.
    I grew up (trailer and tent) camping but haven't done much lately. My family reunion is next weekend so we'll be camping, even though it's not out in the middle of nowhere. I also have my family guest ranch trip, we are taking our horses. That will be kind of like camping, too!


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