TRuck.... a great kid

by - 7/17/2008 06:14:00 PM

My son TRuck calls from work and tells me he is coming home early. He had phoned earlier in the day to ask me to call Ver*zon to see if they will replace his phone with a different style. He has replaced his phone 3 times in the last 4 months, the speaker keeps blowing on it and now it just shuts off by itself and stays off for up to an hour. So, I get Ver*zon to allow him to change to a different model, (thanks me). He is happy to learn that, but unhappy that he has to drive almost 40 miles to get to a Ver*zon store to do the exchange.

Anyway, he gets home, takes his shoes off and plops in front of the TV to play a little Xbox before he goes. Then back up again and I don’t really notice what he is doing, but he is up to something, I am sure I will find out later. He plops back down to play “Call of Duty”, but gets killed a little too much so decides he will hit the road.

He’s gone from the house about 15 minutes and I hear a sloshing sound. I realize the washing machine is running. I knew I would find out what he was up to. But I have never heard that kind of sound coming from the machine before. I hurry to check what the heck is wrong… oh my gosh… the kid is washing clothes… OK he washes his clothes all the time, that is not what I am concerned about. It is that he is washing a small load, have I not taught this kid better? Doesn’t he know that you are suppose to put in clothing until it packs it so full the clothes can barely move and put in as little soap as possible to get the most out of your time and money??? No one puts 5 shirts and a few pairs of socks in the washer…what was he thinking??? GEEZ…kids!

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  1. You mean he didn't listen to you??? Shame on that kid-I'm surprised that he didn't realize that you really want to have to buy a new washer to replace the one he probably wore out doing those little loads. ;) LMAO

  2. I just found you through Black Jack - we are foster parents too. We have an 8,6, and 2 year old that are sisters and we are hopefully going to be adopting soon. We also have an 8 and 2 year old of our own, and over 60 animals! I understand the busy-ness of life and completely know how you feel about driving 20 miles to get anything. We are in the boonies too. :) loved reading your blog. :)

  3. BECG, he really is a great kid and I tease him all the time. But I am so blessed to have him. *smiles*

    Carroll Farm, thanks so much for stopping by. I have visited your blog many times through Mikey's blog.
    We are going through the process of being adoptive parents and may get 2 wee ones (boys ages 2 and 3)in addition to the little guys we have now. We will wait and see.


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