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I love these little skiddos we have in our care. The court day has come and gone about who will get custody while the mother is incarcerated. We found out that the father has lessoned his visits to 2 times a week from 3. We have been instructed that the father is not to know where the kids are cared for, where they attend playday daycare, where I take them to go to the doctors visits... basically they do not want this father to have any contact with the skiddos unless in a supervised and controlled environment. The father has a pretty long arrest record and as far as we know has never paid child support. He apparently lives in a small beat up trailer with almost no furniture.
We found out that the mother will definitely be incarcerated until late Oct when she will have another court date. I can't see that she will get her kids back until she attends a drug program and can prove that she can care for them.
We figure we will have the darlings until early next year.

Here are these cutie skiddos...

J getting sneezed on by Prince

J laughin' so hard after Isis dripped water on him when he was giving her a hug.
Look at the little devilish face... LOL

R being innocent... yea right, he is never innocent!

R giving Noah an apple treat.
The skiddos are great kids considering all they have been through in their young lives.

R has obviously been neglected, he follows me or my dear hubby everywhere. He has to know everything we are doing. Also, it is quite apparent that the discipline was not followed through with because R does whatever he wants even after we tell him NO. He is learning that there are things that are just not allowed.

J, he is 2 and he never stops talking. He doesn't hesitate to say what he wants, he asks for a drink and I will say in a minute and he will ask again and again until I tell him to wait a moment, then he will say... ODAY and wait patiently.

R' and J's mother has been watched by child protective services for several other improper things. R tells us mother sleeps naked and that both R and J sleep with her. There are a few other things that R slowly divulge to us that I just hate to hear. I pray that when it is time for these skiddos to leave us that they will be well cared for and not remember the bad in that their parents do.


We are off to California to visit 5 of my kids, my fantastic grand son MLR, and my hubby's Dad who is not well.
I will try and get a lot of pics. I do hope to go to the beach when we are there.
bye for now.

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  1. Our case is in the 3rd year and there is STILL a small chance that they will go back to dad - so they are having a tough time in court. He has confessed to all kinds of things. This case is just one thing after another - I am surprised that these girls can function at all after the things that they have been through. Over all it is amazing the love of a child :)

  2. It upsets me that there are people out there that can treat their own children so poorly. i hope that when things get settled legally with the boys that they are well taken care of.

  3. They sure cuties. I think it's great that you could take them in.

  4. Oh poor little fellas! Makes my heart just ache for them! Some people just need spayed and neutered! They are so lucky to be with you! That is what they will remember!
    Btw I have something for you at my page when you get time! When you aren't chasing those little boys!

  5. It's so great for the skiddoes that you are there. They look adorable and very very happy.

  6. Bless you guys for what you do. I have often thought that I would like to take in foster kids-but have never lived in a place with any extra room.

    Also, I don't know if the parents of the kids I was trying to help would survive my temper. I am afraid I would want to hunt them down and do very bad things to them.

    Have a wonderful time visiting your family and I hope hubby's dad gets better.

  7. Carroll>> wow, 3rd year. I thought that if the kids were in the system for more than 15 months, then adoption procedures can be started. I don’t know, I am still learning about the CPS and DES stuff. Bless you and keep up the good work.
    Jamie>> thank you for your thoughts
    Jack>>> It was a hard decision to take foster kids in. We had to decide on if we wanted to totally disrupt our lives the way we have come to know it, but we came to the conclusion that this is something we love… KIDS. So, for now we do this for them.
    TW>> We will try and give them some good memories. And I will have to head on over to see what you got. *smiles*
    Flying>>> thank you for your kind words!
    BECG>> It took us a long time to come to know that we are doing this for the kids and unfortunately there may not be good endings. And it is true, we would like to just KILL, i mean wring the parents necks of these lovely foster kids in our care, but we do what we can for as long as we can.


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