Old kids/New kids...poor babies...

by - 7/12/2008 08:03:00 PM

We had these 2 little boys, D and J, from June 17th until a few hours before we went to Wyoming on July 2nd. Here they are playing in a tiny turtle pool. (I have not shown their faces for their protection).

We were going to possibly get them back after we returned from our vacation, but this seems to be not the case. It looks like some long lost relative has come forward to go through the process of actually adopting them. The parents rights had been severed about a month ago. They had been in the foster care system since October of 2007. I cannot figure out where were the family members before now. But it's not my business.


Now we get home from Wyoming and try and get back into the reality routine... having to work, clean my house go shopping, care for the horses and a little freedom from having the wee ones under foot.
Then Thursday at 2:30 a.m. my cell phone rings, I was pretty deep in sleep because I thought it was my alarm, but it was too dark outside for that. I grab my phone and it is the gal that does the placements for foster kids. There was 2 little boys that needed to be placed. We said yes of course. We agree to meet in town at the local grocery store to pick them up because the child protective services lady had to come from the 3rd town over to bring them out to us. The boys are darling little blonde, blue eyed kids. They are 2 and 4 years old. They came to us wrapped in blankets with the older one in shorts and a t-shirt and nothing else, the younger one in a wet diaper, a pair of pants and a tank top and shoes. Apparently this is how they were when the police stopped the mother for driving under the influence of meth at close to midnight. One child was not in his car seat, the younger one only strapped in with the upper strap around his neck. This is not the first offense this mother had for being incarcerated for having a DUI with meth. In fact it looks like she had her court hearing for the first offense the day before this arrest. It does not look good for this woman to get her kids back any time soon. As far as we know, the father is not in any shape to take the children either. We will see this coming week.

I just want to strangle these people that do this to their children!!
In the meantime.... my house is filled with precious noise of these rambunctious little kiddos. They are well behaved with the younger one having a little bit of devil in him. For however long we have them, we will give them our love and affection and a safe place to be. They love the horses and play with the goat and are doing remarkably well considering all that has happened. I will keep you all posted as time goes by.

Off to bed for me... HAha , and it is only 8:45.

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  1. Oh wow.. the thought of those little fellows just breaks my heart... Maybe seeing my 2 and 3 yr old, and knowing how much fun they are, and just... well, everything about them... It is great that you guys are there to offer up a spot of hope and love for little ones. It takes special people to do that.

    Give them a hug from the Southland. And know that you are all in our prayers here!

  2. Big hugs to them from you.. thank you Mrs Mom.


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