What Shape??

by - 7/17/2008 10:44:00 AM

I am out of shape! I know this because trying to keep up with the skiddos (foster kids) we just got is tougher than I remember it being. Of course being wiser older, being a little less thin fatter, the weather being hot as hell heck and having little no time doesn’t help. I was going to get out the weed whacker today, but it needs a gas/oil mixture that we don’t have right now. I was going to put the glass cabinet doors on the cabinets we placed in the computer room but we don’t have the proper size screws right now. I was able to modify a vacuum bag we had on hand to fit the vacuum, so I can at least do that. I don’t ever go into town unless there are many things we need and/or we have to go to several places because driving that 30 miles ain’t worth going for a pack of screws…LOL

During the work week I think about all the things I want to accomplish on my day off (Thursdays) and I even make a small list (yep my lists again) and then when Thursdays come I have all these good intentions, but then way too often I end up wanting to take it easy and just browse the net reading all the cool blogs. What can I say... it’s addicting. Of course, I would rather be viewing a cowboy in his wranglers... HA!

I am going to give all the horses a bath, a good brushing and pick their feet out. By the time I get done with that I will be whooped because I am OUT OF SHAPE!!! LOL

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  1. My shape? "Rubenesque"... LOL ;)

    Riasing a cup of java to you in salute! (And kiss those new babies fom us too...)

  2. Blogging IS addicting-I find myself jumping on any time I come in for a break and checking out somebody...at this moment it is you-LOL.

    I'm with you on the lists-because we live in such a small town, we have to drive somewhere to get anything. I check the sale fliers every week-make lists of things I need so that when I get somewhere I can hopefully remember to get the supplies I need. Makes for a long, tiring day, that usually ends with fighting the Wal-Mart crowd in the evening as I try to re-stock on groceries. I'm glad I only do this once a month-whew...

  3. So little time... so much to do! Agreed lists are great but mine are always long enough to cover the week rather than the day or two off during the week!

    Very amusing post re: Cowboy in his Wranglers ;)

    And as for horse blogs... man I have a list of those to read too! 100 or so of the damn things - why are they so addictive?


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