Channeling Lennon...

by - 7/30/2008 08:49:00 PM

This is Boo, our son#4. This was from when he went to Kevo, son #2's, birthday party in June. Kevo's theme was to wear white pants (I didn't ask).
Anyway, Boo is a self taught musician. He plays guitar, piano, drums, harmonica and more. Him and his brother JDrums, son#3, formed a band a few years back. They write their own music all the time.

He was channeling John Lennon here:

NO... not really, actually he grew his hair out to be able to donate it to a kids cancer benefit program. I am so proud of this kid even when he is a bit scruffy.
He is clean shaven now. thank goodness... LOL

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  1. LOL.. dont ya always hate it, when guys can grow out those thick, lovely locks, and we struggle away with our hair? ;)

    Dear HUsband grew his hair out too, and donated it. Truth be told, I kinda miss it on him! He wore it a bit differently than most- with a top knot type of configuration. (Kinda like a high and tight gone wild. He kept the bottom part of the "tight", and let the top go. Looked cool! Bugger had better hair than I did


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