Yeehaw... Awards to give

by - 8/03/2008 02:22:00 PM

Oh My Gosh, oh my gosh...
I was awarded, ummm I got awarded, oh man, I got 2 awards.
Yeehaw!Thank you so very very much to Train Wreck of
Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets!!!

My not so easy job is to nominate 7 bloggers to receive this from me. I do believe the 7 that I bestow this upon will most likely already have been awarded because they
are all such great blogs.
(Recipient rules are below the honories listed)

Ok, here goes:
In no particular order I nominate these bloggers

of Pony Girl Rides Again
What a great blogger, she is amazing with her pics of her My Boy and she is so informative. She has the ability to really get her fellow bloggers to interact with her topics. She is so full of energy and I am terribly envious of her being able t spend so much time working with her Appaloosa. Go on... click that link and see what you have been missin' if you have not been there yet.
of The Horsesheing Housewife
What an awesome lady, always on the go. And she can handle a rattler with the best of them. She has a cutie patootie around helping her, ummmm I do mean her little girl. Her hubby ain't so bad either. LOL So, check this supurb blog and supurb lady out. You may be able to check out the hubby too if she would get a pic of him on there...hehehe.
of Painted Promise
She has an amazing site. She has mini donkeys, mini mules, mini horses, mini Me... ok, maybe not Mini Me. She has a whole bunch more animals that are not so mini. And way too many dogs. She shares a wide variety of interests that amaze me. Please click on over and visit her, you will never be disappointed.
The Carrolls
of Carroll Farm

Lacy has the cutest blog...lollipops and butterflies. She is a fellow foster parent! She's got bling bling blinkies and she has bling bling girls.... LOL. From horses to toilet parts, she has it all. Get your butt over and check this blog out or I will have to hurt you.... Just Kidding!
of The Ranch on Salmon Creek
I just recently added this blog to my so-called "daily" reads. (i try and read daily, I really do). They always have fantastic pics and share some really great adventures. Don't hesitate to visit this blog often, if not daily.

of The Mills Family
What a neat lady with some great ideas and adventures to share. She has a beautiful home (I saw the pics of her blog space) And what cute, darling kids. You have to go see this blog... for sure man!!
of That Dude
He was my first follower. He is such a great man, a single dad raising 2 boys. His blog is loaded with things and always something controversial, you will enjoy your time there. He can be addicting to read so watch out.

of Dizzy Thoughts
This is my son #2, Kevo's girlfriends blog. They have a cute dog, Indy, that gets his picture taken all the time adn Indy is the star here. Diz writes poetry and stories and has a great imagination. We are pretty proud of her and Kevo, they have a lovely home and always welcome us with open arms when we visit there. I bestow this award to you from the bottom of my heart.
I certainly can't leave out ....MRS MOM
of Oh Horse Feathers & Other Related Twisted Tails

You MUST go see her, she is non stop going, she writes a ton, she is part time lecturer, part time screamer, part time teacher and all the time great person. Nothing more needs to be said other than GO VISIT HER AND MAKE IT OFTEN!!

I want to also mention and reward these fantastic blogs...
BROWNEYED COWGIRL of BrownEyed Cowgirls
KDW OF BlackJack Land & Cattle Co.
NUZZLING MUZZLES of Nuzzling Muzzles

lATIGO LIZ of Latigo Liz
KNUTSEN FAMILY of Knutsen Family
RANCH FAMILY of Ranch Family

I could go on and on, but I have been at this blog forever as it is. If you are on my blogroll and came here and read this, consider yourself awarded!!!


My 2nd award is:
Thank you so much EquineNews!

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  1. Thank you so much! That's so very nice, and you said such nice things! You are so wonderful!
    Hey, head back on over to my place and look at my latest post if you have a sec. Like to know your opinion...

  2. love the award & thank you so much! hey, what is a blog if you can't put in all the parts!! :)

  3. thank you sooo much! oh my i am on cloud 9, that just made my day! you are too sweet! i am going to post it today and take on the difficult task of passing it on to such wonderful bloggers! i just don't feel worthy! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. Aww shucks Momma Cowgirl... you ara making me blush here!!

    No- for real here- you are too kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet words!

    Glad that you have such fun visiting, and I surely do love having you!

    Kisses to those sweet babes... could not help thinking of them last night, as we took a tour with our pal and saw some really cool wildlife, spent time in her pool, and just had a grand time.... How I wish that every child out there could have as much fun as these guys here get, and your two are now getting!

  5. Congratulations on your awards!

  6. Thank you all for coming in and all who got awards are most deserving. I could have given to much more.
    There are so so many great blogs out there.

    happy horsin' around to all who travel here.. *smiles*


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