Why there ain't many cowboys...

by - 8/03/2008 07:03:00 AM

The cowboy lived a life of hardships back in the day. No, I'm not talking about riding the long dusty trail or breaking wild horses. I'm talking about dating. Of course, they called it courtin' back then, but the goal was the same. They didn't have cell phones to tect with or computers to e-mail with, they didn't even have phones to call a girl and hang up on. So when they got the notion about a girl, it was all face to face, inda. He would get off his horse and walk slowly in her direction and when he got close he would look down at his boots and kick at the dirt. There were no drive-ins back then, can't pretend to stretch his arm over and around her. That wouldn't work while driving a buckboard. The only place to go would be the dance on a Saturday night. Cowboys were real gentlemen back then, you see those buckboards didn't have shocks or even rubber tires, so there was a lot of bouncing around in the seat next to him. He just kept his eyes straight ahead, no peaking.
Now he did't want to get to that dance anytime soon, if at all. He needed an excuse to stop and get off the buckboard in the grassy meadow. He decides to stop and pick her some flowers. Just as he hands them to her to smell, the horses decide to play the Alka-Seltzer song...you know...Plop Plop FizzFizz. Even back then God had a sense of humor. By now it was getting dark and the stars were coming out they decide to put a blanket down in the grass and lay down to count the stars. It was very dark and their hands touch causing a wave of warmth in both of them. When it came up, a smile came to her face. This is what she wanted. This is what she was waiting for. A handsome cowboy, a warm summer night and now a full moon coming up over the trees. There was talk of possibly kissing, there was talk of family and there was talk of the future and then it was time to take her home. Hey, I told you cowboys were gentlemen.
This is why there ain't many cowboys anymore.

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