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by - 8/24/2008 05:23:00 AM

Ok, things happen in threes.. so I must be done with crap happening for a while, right?

We have a laptop, I bought it for hubby, DNaC, about a year and half ago and it was not a cheap one. Over the last few months it was getting harder and harder to charge the thing. The power plug connection was getting disturbed and loosening. It finally got to the point that the connection was just not there. I called around and most places didn’t want to touch it because it involved soldering the ac connector back on the mother board. I did find one place that said it can be done, it would cost about $165. Better than buying a new laptop, but I was told there are no guarantees. CRAP! I had bought the thing at Best Buy, so since we had to make the long trip into town last weekend we took it back to Best Buy and they said it would be $38.94 to have the estimate. They send it off to do this. I got the call yesterday that it would cost $150 minus the $38.94 I paid already and it would take just a few more days and with a guarantee. YEEHAW!

Last Wednesday there was nothing special happening weather wise, not a bad lightning thunderstorm coming through, but …sure enough something took a zap. You see, we have had a microwave. It came with the house when we bought it, we have been here going on 6 years now. Don’t microwaves last longer than 6 years??? I guess not. So, when DNaC had to go into town to take J to his “intake” evaluation (more on that later), DNaC went on over to WalMart and picked up a new microwave. YEEHAW!

Yesterday my son, TRuck, was getting wired for 220, I mean, he was getting a 220 plug wired and ready to use on our generator, so that we are able to use his welder properly to weld our pipe fenced stalls that we are putting up in place of the temporary ones we have had. This is in preparation to be able to use the temporary panels to make our round pen. Anyway, DNaC and TRuck could not quite figure out the new wiring for the plug and called a friend to help them out. Friend came and brought his meter to check things out. Friend said we wired the pug correctly, then tested the generator. Now, we spent $988 on this generator to use in a used toy hauler that we were going to buy, which we did not buy. We ended up buying a brand new toy hauler that came with a generator. So, we have not had to use the generator much and only have but 14.4 hours of use on it. Well, of course, we find out that something inside the engine part of the generator is not working right. There is a “drop out” or whatever that is making the generator only put out about 20 amps/volts (whatever they call it) into one hot part of the plug and the proper amount into the other hot part of the plug. Basically we can use it, but it won’t put enough juice out to use the welder properly. So, next time we make a trip into town, we will have to take this generator back to Costco and hope they will exchange it for us. Hopefully a YEEHAW!

That is three… so leave us alone for a while….. ok?

Oh, there is a bonus…. Gosh darn it! Yesterday afternoon I was on the net at a trusted website to just look, mind you, no downloading or anything and I clicked on a link to view a larger version of an example website and POW… sure enough a virus let loose on my desktop. It took all my desktop icons, the wallpaper and a few other things and hijacked them and turned them into some stranger. Then it also made it so that when I want to “switch users” and allow another to use their desktop that cannot take place unless we completely “log off” now. I ran my virus protection and it found 6 bad things, but even with dumping the bad stuff, I still have to do a “log off” to switch users. I can’t wait til son #2, Kevo, comes out next weekend, I am going to put him to work on this computer. In the mean time I am going to do a “restore” back a few days before the virus attack and see what that does. YEEHAW!

Later today I will get the pics of the work we have done so far on the pipe fenced stalls.

Happy horsin'around, y'all!

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