Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hollywood has ruined my life. They have destroyed some of my favorite memories. When they remade THE BEVERLY HILLBILLYS they stunk it up. When they made the remake of the DUKES OF HAZARDS, they stunk it up. I haven’t seen the remake of GET SMART yet, but I’ll bet they stunk it up. They need to leave the classics alone. I am wondering what they would do with THE LONE RANGER. Perhaps they would make it a GAY movie. After all, who would wear a white outfit and a black mask and a Bling Bling holster for his shiny guns. Have a sidekick wearing a ponytail dressed in a leather dress and run around yelling HIGH HO SILVER! Please Hollywood, focus on Brittney and Lindsey and leave our memories alone.


  1. Oh sweet hubby, I do not know where you think up these things. Oh, I know, when you are traveling all over the county doing your job... *smiles*

  2. I totally agree. Leave good stuff alone.

  3. Congrats on the awards! Thanks!

    I totally agree!


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