The buck off...

by - 8/01/2008 08:24:00 PM

Yes, I know many of you have been there… done that. Me too. But I was not only just bucked off, I was literally thrown into the air and proceeded to land on my back right in a spot that happen to have a big ol’ rock there. This happened to me soon after we got our GoGo Bunny Two Shoes. I thought I was this brave woman and I was going to show hubby what I was able to do. I didn’t fear being on a horse even though this was our first horse and I had ridden her but a few times.

Hubby was visiting a neighbor up and around the dirt road (about a half mile away through the fields). I actually found a way to mount my big beauty without help, she stayed still long enough up along a log… LOL. Then I gallantly struck out across our acreage, made it up the road some, she really did not want to be leaving home. She would turn and turn toward home and I would round her and pull her to get her to travel the way I wanted to go. This was hard work, considering I didn’t know what I was truly doing and no doubt Bunny knew this. I made it all the way to within 100 yards of the neighbors home and I just could not handle Bunny any longer, so I decided to go ahead and let her make her way back home. Each time she wanted to run, I would slow her down because the terrain was full of holes and not safe for my sake. When I got to about 300 feet from our property line, she was not having anything to do with me slowing her down and she started her run. I thought this was fine, I am doing ok. But then I knew there was the wash that we would have to pass through. No water in it, but it was deep. She got a few feet into the wash and I could tell she was beginning to falter, she lost her footing and then she hit the bottom and just as quickly had to lift herself up to start up the other side of the wash, she faltered again and the next thing I knew I was in the air, completely clearing Bunny and landing about 5 feet from where she threw me. If there were judges, they would have given me a 10 for that one. LOL ! I laid there not being able to move, I lost my breath, I kinda laughed at myself. Bunny proceeded to her stall and waited there. I did a mental assessment of my body, seemed there was not a thing broken… whew. I was finally able to roll over enough to crawl to the edge of the fence to be able to lift myself up. I limped to Bunny and talked to her, she was pacing, like as if to say she was sorry. I knew this was not her fault at all. I basically could not move for 2 full weeks and I had a nice black and blue bruise in the middle of one of my buttock cheeks from landing on the rock. This was my first lesson to myself that I knew nothing about horses. *smiles*

All better and ready to get back on Bunny:

I was never had any doubt that I would get back on her, but with more respect now.

I am so glad I have come along with the teachings from my horses (and the riding classes we just took). Horses are amazing and I am so glad to have these fine beasts in my life.

Oh, and hubby has not been there done that (yet), lucky guy.

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  1. I have never been thrown off, way to chicken for that. Josh has once and survived. I have been kicked a couple of times, but only by the mini horses. Josh got nailed a couple of good ones from a pony we used to have and a couple of times from other rescues. I wasn't raised with horses at all & am still learning A LOT! Glad to hear you survived the fall. :)

  2. I'm sorry that happened. You'll probably be feeling a tinge of fear if not outright fear each time you ride her for a while. Your body heals but never quite forgets.

  3. Owww, owww, owww!
    Glad to hear you have stuck with it-most would have said...uhh, no thanks, I'm done.

    Personally, the thought of getting bucked off never used to enter my mind. It was just something that happened once in awhile. Now, my bounce isn't as good and I really don't relish the thought of coming off a horse. Heck, I get sore muscles just from riding more than two a day. Some days I'm okay with this getting older thing(the alternative is not desirable either) and some days I wish I was 25 again.

  4. You walked away from it so it was a good day! LOL stay safe and hope it doesn't happen again!! At least not really soon.

  5. I was slightly hesitant for those 2 weeks of healing time of what I may feel when it was time to get back on, but I actually felt good because I knew it was me, not the horse that was stupid.
    Bunny has since learned that I am in charge when I am riding and she listens quite well when I rein her in.
    thank you all for coming by.
    I will be doing big time catch up with my reading of yours and my other many favorite blogs tonight.
    take care and happy horsin' around.

  6. I've never been thrown off a horse but I keep getting "thrown" when it comes to my job. I have a long string of really great days where things are running smoothly and then a day like last night comes along and I get "thrown" and "stomped" on just for grins and giggles too.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your bad night at work Jamie, I hope it will pass and your next night at work will be pleasant for you.


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