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by - 9/14/2008 10:58:00 AM

I love reading, but not unlike having time to read my favorite blogs, I do not have the time to read my books. Right now these are my current reads:
Heartbreaker by Diana Palmer and Glory Glory by Linda Lael Miller, they are those cute little romance books that one should be able to read in one sitting (if time permits). I love romance books that have something to do with cowboys. In Heartbreaker the main man is a cowboy, but not enough is mentioned about his cowboy ways. Glory Glory will be read once I finish Heartbreaker... which by the way I am going will be a month from now...LOL

These are on my wish list of books I want to have in my library:

Time Well Spent by Gawana Pony Boy... this is not a book, it is a hardbound journal with lovely photos by Gabrielle Boiselle. As commented by a reader...There are lots of lined pages sprinkled with questions from Pony Boy to jog your thoughts and provide a springboard for your writing. Something you can take to the barn and back to your bedside to fill with your words and thoughts.Another book by Gawani Pony Boy...
Of Horses and Women, More Expressions of the Magical Bond. It is a collection of essays from horse women.
Two books by Mark Rashid
Considering the Horse...Filled with entertaining stories that will introduce you to quiet solutions for resolving training problems.

and...A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color Here the auther uses heart-warming and humorous stories to share his techneques of teaching horses by understanding their view of the world.Horse Women, Strength...Beauty...Passion by Melissa Sovey
It is filled with wonderful photos of horses and their women.
And this is not the last book I have on my wish list, it is only the last one that I will share with you at this time.
It is a book by Joan Johnston called Sisters Found.
About 3 sisters, family reunions and weddings that should bring joy, not chaos, but the latter is what the Butler sisters find in this book.

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned books?
What are your favorite books?
What is on your book wish list?

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  1. YTou cant go wrong with Mark Rashid's "A Good Horse Is Never A Bad Color". I have read and re-read that until my copy literally fell apart. Well worth thinking your way through that one, and taking the time it takes to look around and observe horses and their people ;)

    PonyBoy is a pisser. Have not seen the rest, and really dont do the romance scene....

    *ahem* some of my favs? Janet Evanovich. I love her stuff! hehe

    Laura Crum Rocks Too!

  2. MM...thank you for your input, I will have to check out Janet and Laura soon.
    take care!

  3. Adding a few of these to my own must-read list. Thanks!


    PS: Got a first-ride story to share - with a young horse? Stop on by!


  4. I have "A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color." Excellent book. I was inspired to write to Mark Rashid after reading it. His wife wrote back to me, because he was on the road doing clinics.

  5. The Hearts Of Horses by Mollie Gloss. I recently read it. It is a quick read and i enjoyed it. It is about a young woman during WWI who travels from ranch to ranch (in Eastern Oregon) breaking horses.

  6. Ooh, well now I have more to add to my list! Which is bad, bad, bad! (I have 350 of the things and definitely haven't read anywhere near half of them!)

    But surprisingly haven't heard of any of those but a couple sound great! Thanks for sharing!

    Always a fan of Dick Francis for something light to read and am soon to start In Search of a Wild Brumby (Michael Keenan)

  7. Oh look you re did your page!! I love the book review! I too love the romance books! I just read one on the plane to Dallas, it was called "The Horse Masters Daughter" by Susan Wiggs. It was a great book. The leading character looked just like my Cowboy! AND the girl...looked just like me! What are the chances!! he he!! I always make my hubby the leading man!

  8. NM, that is so cool that the authors wife wrote to you. I am definitely going to get that one.

    SMR, now I will have to add that one to my every growing list. *S*

    Chris, thanks for stopping by, I am just as bad with continually adding to my lists, whether they be blogs to read or books.

    TW, yes, every romance book I read it is my hubby and me in the story. teehee

  9. I love those western romance books too....they are easy reads! I really want to try the "Time Well Spent" that you mentioned.
    I am into reading british chick lit right now. Between reading blogs and reading for work, I rarely have time to finish a book these days, though. I do try to read for about 10-15 minutes before bed.


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