I hate it...

by - 9/14/2008 08:30:00 AM

For almost 4 weeks now, and ever since taking Z-pack antibiotics my taste buds have gone wacko. I cannot actually decipher the taste of foods. All the foods I have been eating, the taste of them has been weird. My first discovery that something was amiss was when even ketchup was so spicy hot tasting that I could not eat it. It progressed to other items that had any flavor to them at all. When my boys were out from California we went out to a new steakhouse, I was not that hungry so I thought I would eat an appetizer… um, the onion blossom sounded so good. I could not eat it, the sauce was way too spicy, then I asked for Ranch dressing hoping that would work, but that was even too spicy. I could not even eat the battered covered onion alone. I have found that if there is not much flavor in the food involved I can eat it and not have to chase it down with milk. I have found that sweet foods I can still taste what they actually taste like for the most part. I am an oddball.

This was breakfast this morning….Unsalted pretzels, Pringles baked wheat pretzel sticks (honey butter flavor) and My Little Pony fruit snacks:

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  1. And what did the doctor say???

  2. aaaaa...Why are you taking Z pac!? I know what a heavy hitter that rx is! Are you ok? You must have had something serious to get Zpac over keflex or amoxicilian?? Unlees you have an allergy to them? C'mon are you ok?

  3. Yeah, give. Z pac is some nasty stuff.

  4. I just had a terrible cough and cold that was stubborn. my hubby had the same thing but his lasted forever. Z-pack didn't help him the way it did me, but i have a better fighting power against being sick than he has.

    As to the taste thing, I am still having trouble eating anything with much, i mean with even a little zip to it.

  5. Wow, that's crazy. Um, your breakfast? Does not look tasty.


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