by - 9/04/2008 07:53:00 AM

We are up and running again. My son formatted my computer. It was infected bad!
Now I can actually be on the net for more than 2 minutes.

Today I take R to the dentist to get his 2 upper front teeth pulled. They are destroyed from a combination of a mother that was on drugs while pregnant and bottle rot. At least the dentist figures those were the contributing factors.

So, I will get busy writing and I definitely need to do some major catch up on my reading of my favorite blogs. I hadn't realized how much I truly enjoy the blogs I read until I could not do it. I have missed you all so much!

Be back later...

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  1. WELCOME BACK!!! We missed you!

    Love the picture at the top there. The new layout really looks great on here.

  2. My son had to stop by this week and clean up my computer, too! It was running so slowly that I could barely change pages! Thank goodness for sons!


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