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I just had 3 of my sons out form California last weekend (8/29 thru 9/1). Mattress, Kevo and JDrums. We did major ground work. We rented a big John Deere tractor. Our biggest projects for that weekend were tolevel an area for my round pen, redo the horses stalls (putting in the permanent ones), clean out the covered stalls, completely overhaul the front yard which entailed removing all the existing flagstone walk then placing plastic down and replacing the flagstone walk and adding in crushed flagstone instead of the decomposed granite we had before. Then we also made 2 steps off the front porch and added another walkway that goes straight out to the driveway. We also made 2 grass areas. (See sketch).
This was August 23 and 24, the weekend before the boys were here when we did some "new stall" prep work. The old stalls were all temporary panels, but we wanted to make a round pen so we needed the panels for that. So, this was the prep for permanent stalls.
TRuck eyeing where the first hole will be dug.
Daddy Not A Cowboy (DNaC) starting that first hole.

Yeehaw.... first hole is dug!! LOL
And cemented...Then it was break time... LMAO!


Then TRuck's girlfriend came over, she is holding onto the end of a string that we have tied at the end of last stall corner pin. When the men needed to dig a new hole she would tighten the string. Thus, hopefully we have a nice straight line for the back of the stalls.
Hole #5 was the last one we dug. DNaC figured we would wait for more man power, when our boys would be out.~~~~~~~~
The boys are here! This is last weekend.
We started with the front yard work.
This turned into many hours of hard labor, even though on paper it sure seemed like it should not have taken that long, but digging, lining up block and laying flagstone sure did.
Here are pics of the end result.
(before we had wood steps off the porch and no walkway to the driveway)
*I say driveway, but it is really the drive around the house kind of driveway.
These same kind of blocks that are forming the steps, we stood up to make the block divider for the grass areas.
The walk along the house that we removed the flagstone and lined the area with plastic, then redid the flagstone (like putting together a puzzle). Mattress, JDrums and Kevo all had a piece in this.
The small walkway to the driveway. On the right and the left of this walkway will be the grass areas.We leveled the area for the round pen and also redid our easement, but I don't have pics. There was a spot that kept large puddles after it rained and TRuck smoothed it out and built up the sides. We will see how it does with the next heavy rains.
That was Saturday's (8/30/08) accomplishments.

Sunday (8/31) morning, we are all refreshed and ready to go again...

All the temporary panels have been moved away except the front of the stalls, which we keep because of the gates.
Jackie making sure all is going well...

In the back of TRuck's truck was his welder, he did all the welding (he is a master welder, I tell ya. If you ever need a welder, he is the guy to see).
Most of the no-climb fence is attached, we used a fence puller hooked to one of our trucks for a tight fit.
Toby comes in to visit and check things out.

TRuck given Toby some lovin'.
Mattress, my oldest son, doing some of the last of the fencing attaching.

Whew, the boys were wiped out! Momma got all her work done, thank goodness for strong, more than willing sons to help her!!!
I am so proud of these men. I could not ask for better boys!

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  1. Wow, what a lot of projects! It's great your boys are there to help. I am eagerly awaiting the picture of the round pen! The flagstone looks great, too.

  2. What a great crew! Would you consider renting them out? I love the colors of the walkway. And that fencing looks great for safety. As one who has done a bit of fence hole digging, i can say that you were right to wait for the strong boys to help.

  3. WoW! Look at all you guys got done!!! Thats darn neat. Glad the boys all came home to help out too. I LOVE the walkway. That just looks fantastic.

    Dont get me started on your fences...hehe... I am sitting here drooling over those!!

    So... did you wear the guys out too much? Are they going to be willing to chip in and do more? ;)

  4. Glad you're back! LOVE the new look, especially that pic at the top. Love that!
    You have been busy busy!! Looks fantastic! Lots of work, but you had some good help there!
    We missed you!

  5. That looks like some serious work. I'm exhausted just from looking at the pictures and now I'm gonna take a nap.

  6. Sounds like your yard is up and great. How fun is that. We were going to do the front yard, but then that is where the haystack went. LOL Saved me from working so much. Glad for boys. My brothers and hubby sure have done a ton of work around here.


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