Az skies...

by - 9/08/2008 08:48:00 PM

I went out to feed the horses last weekend before we started the "ground work" and this is what I saw... the pictures don't really show the awesomeness of the sky, but I am sharing anyway.

This is looking to the east... it is about 5:30am ...

This is looking north...

This is after I was done feeding ... looking to the east again.
This was fine day.
I sure wished I had my camera ready all the time. I miss good opportunities to grab some memories.

take care y'all and happy horsin' around!!

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  1. You know I pack my camera around most all of the time! The few time I don't however I always see something I would love to capture!! I love the last photo! Looks like the side of your barn?

  2. Beautiful sky.
    Well you wake up so early to take care of the animals. You're very courageous !

  3. Great pics! These days, I dont see sunrises like that... I miss them!

  4. Sunsets are my favorite, but this sunrise stuff is pretty cool. It's a new day!

  5. TW, it is the side of my garage actually. *S*

    LeCheval, yea, the animals are usually fed by 6am every morning. I like the calm morning feed time.

    MM, not often i get to see a sky like this either, it was a nice morning.

    SMR, I love sunsets too, but I had to take these because it is rare to see a sunrise, they happen so quickly.


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