I love how the year has gone by so fast...

by - 9/19/2012 07:22:00 AM

Well.... not really. I quit my job on my birthday this year, May 15th and I still don't have another job. I thought it was going to be a little easier getting a job, but in this economy, it sucks.
But I am enjoying being at home for now.

I applied at several places lately that I has nothing to do with my skills,
like Joanne's Fabrics and Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby and
We will see.

In the mean time...........

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  1. If you manage to find your passion I want instructions. You're in such a great place right now. Just like the teen years when we step out the front door of our childhood home and see the world spread out before us and laid at our feet, this is your time!

    1. I was a medical biller and love being in a medical office, but noone is hiring someone that has my skills.. they want 20 year olds that no nothing and they can pay them piddles. I can't seem to convince any of them that I don't want money, just to enjoy the job.
      I figured I could try the jobs I would have liked when I was a kid. LOL
      Thanks for your encouragement, I need it!


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