Smart phones are too smart for their britches...

by - 9/10/2012 10:33:00 AM

Ring ring….
Buzzzzz buzzzzzz, viiibbbrrraaaate. You can't go anywhere without seeing people talking on cell phones. 

And Yes, I have a cell phone. 
It isn't a very smart one, though. It is an older version, but it is a touch screen,  LOL. 

Just how important are cell phones in our lives…
Emergencies, right?  I mean, like when  you are shopping and you are in the meat section and can't figure out what hunk of meat to buy and you pull out that wonderful cell phone to call the spouse to find out, while the butcher is eyeing you.

Are you more a talker or a texter? 
I am a talker more than a texter, unless it is during working hours. (at least when I had a job, and NO, I didn't get let go cause of sexting  texting!)

And all those fantastic apps *:
* Your "Maps", hopefully you won't get lost (unless you are a man and you just won't check your phone for directions anyway).

* Your "family Locator". This is so you can tell if they are close so you can run far, far away!

* Your "Games" . This is so you can fill every little space of empty time with nonsense

* Your "Night Life Guide". This is so you can check for rowdy parties to infiltrate.

* Your "Animated Babes". Men... This is so you can see what you wished your women would look like, but never really look like in real life.

* Your "Sexy Cougars" For you hot young blooded men that… well, I think you know.

* Your "Girls Wanna Have Fun" For the women, need I say more??

(these are all actual apps).
One app that would be nice , would be the SHUT UP app, where if you have come to the end of your allotted minutes (who does that anyway) the app would tell you to SHUT UP. 

And don't forget how handy they are, when, there you are,  sitting down,  going to the bathroom, then realize that the toilet paper roll is empty…. Man, thank goodness for cell phones!


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  1. I have yet to call or text for toilet paper, but I can certainly see this as an option! haha

    Maybe they could create an app that would keep me from saying what's in my heart when it's best kept to myself. Or one that would read between the lines of a potential suitor's text to tell you if he's lying?

    I'd also like an app that texts my boss with a believable "I'm running late because" message when I have hit the snooze button on my phone's alarm!

    1. Oh yes, I needed that one for speaking my heart when I shoulda shut up, cause I blurt things out, then hoped that noone heard me.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The only kind of apps I really know about are jalapeno poppers. I have still never had a true smart phone. For me getting a phone with a full keypad was a huge step up. Being able to actually text worth a eff is pretty nice.

    1. Yea, I hear ya. My phone is not smart, but I can call and text, nothing else much matters... now if I was teen, I won't even get into what I would need! *smiles*
      Thanks for stopping by!


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