Monday, September 17, 2012

Addiction time...

I am a person that goes hog wild once I am into something 
I love doing.
right now it is scrapping / altered things, like tags, cards, scrapbook
pages and such.

So, I went on over to You Tube and watched a few things, 
which then turned into watching videos
for the last 2 hours.

I learned a lot!
I do not have a large budget, I mean I don't have a budget at all
to make my crafts. But I did get some ideas on how to make homemade
glimmer mist and alcohol ink and daubers and distress pads
and so much more. 
NOW, I just have to figure out what alcohol ink or glimmer mist ink or distress ink
 is used for. So, I need help, any help I can get!
(yea, yea...those that know me know, know what HELP I really need ) 

So, all you lovely crafty ladies or gents,
Does one need all these inks and what are they used for?


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