No I didn't...

by - 9/13/2012 07:04:00 PM

I was supposed to do today!!

Where the frig did this day go??

I have been on my a$$ literally all day.
Wanna know what for?
Something absolutely useless,
I have been playing with making a new blog.
Yep, A new blog.
Like I can even have time for a new blog.

I actually did it for testing purposes at first.
Mainly to test templates.

Wanna see it?
Here is is: 
I Ain't Tinkerbell 

I had fun with it anyway.

Now that hubby is home, we will be watching football.


Y'all take care!

xoxo Momma Rock

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  1. Eheheheh, those days frustrate me!

    But on a positive note - love the look of the new blog!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Today I put the creative mind to work on some altered tags. I hope anyway.


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