I'm Awake

by - 9/14/2012 06:36:00 AM

"I'm Awake"
It's a Katy Perry song.
A song that I had in my head when I woke up this morn at oh-datk-thirty!

I even wrote a blog entry about this wonderful occasion and put it 
on my new blog "I Ain't Tinkerbell"
I started this other blog of mine, cause there are times I want to let loose and say it as it is, but I don't want it on my family blog.
So , if you want to see my rants and such please check me out over there every once in a while. And by no means, do I ever mean to offend anyone, whatever it is I write about.

I am trying to be crafty!
I am doing a tag swap with this lovely lady, Tee, from 

I am having a blast so far and that isn't saying much cause I have never made a tag before participating in this swap.
I even went so far as to watch some
You Tube videos about tag making.
You know how when you are on You Tube and
you click on other stuff after you watch your video.
Well, somehow I ended up watching some ladies that
video their "haul".  Ladies that go shopping for tag supplies, then video tape
their "haul of supplies" they purchased.
I am not exactly sure why, but there are bunches of these on Your Tube.
I did learn a few things from them, and I also got a good laugh
at some of them that didn't know how to handle their cameras.

You all take care now and have a great Friday!

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