Sunday, November 18, 2007

I love technology...

But I am passworded out. Just about every site you go to you must become a registered user. There goes the brain again trying to think up a password that is unique to the site that you will remember. If you are anything like me, quite often it is a password that you use on another site, because there is only so many passwords that one should have to really have, right? Well, to the hackers, they don’t know that you have 15 different sites that all use the same password, they just hack into a site and wreak havoc with you for a few days then they go and hack another user’s info and mess with them for a few days and so on. It doesn’t matter that we shouldn’t be worth their time. Take for instance, I have a family MySpace site and sure enough that site was hacked. The hacker sent out bulletins that were for porn sites and I am sure that all 14 of my family & friends had a good laugh about it, because they know that I would never promote anything like that.

Yep, I love technology……password anyone?

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