Pain in the.....

by - 11/03/2007 06:05:00 PM

I had told my husband about the pain I have been having in my right shoulder. It even keeps me from getting a complete night’s sleep at times. I attribute it to that I am getting up there in age (I deny I am old!).
So, a few weeks back, my pain was pretty bad and it seemed to consume my thoughts constantly. As I was driving to take movies back to the video store I glanced over to the car in the next lane where a lady was reaching back to discipline her kid in the back seat. Oh My Gosh!!!!! It struck me then…. I have Mama Shoulder!!!
With 6 kids, I must have retrieved a hundred toys, baby bottles and even changed their clothes while one handed driving!!!
I suppose that is why my right arm is about 2 inches longer than my left (just kidding).

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