Shoulder Pain

by - 11/12/2007 08:48:00 AM

I have a confession to make. Please don’t tell K.R. about this. K.R. has been waking up with a pain in her shoulder. I just tell her its old age or something. It started about a month ago. I sleep with three pillows and one night, one of them fell on the floor. I didn’t want to leave the warmth of the blankets to pick it up. So I rolled over and laid my head on her shoulder. I went straight to sleep. I slept so well that night. So after that I would wait for her to fall asleep so I could do it every night. Luckily I always wake up before she does and she has no Idea that I do this. Please don’t turn me in, I need the sleep. Most cowboys sleep with their head on a saddle. I much prefer K.R.s shoulder

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