I saw him...

by - 11/18/2007 02:28:00 PM

This was a post I wrote a while ago and am reposting now...

Oh man, I saw him. Yes, I did. It was amazing. There he was not 25 feet away from me. I could not take my eyes away. He would glance my way and I would avert my eyes for just those brief moments. I could tell there was chemistry between us in just this short amount of time. At first I just smiled and enjoyed the feeling I got from knowing that he knew I was watching him. I am sure you know that jittery feeling in your gut. I knew it was not going to last, but I seized the moment I had. My body warmed with the heat I felt as I walked closer to him. I hoped he would not flee if he felt my invasion. My breasts swelled with my deep breath. I knew I had to do something to stave my yearning, but what? I’m thinking… I’m thinking. I say to myself, “just go over there and talk to him”. Just then he dropped something, this was my chance to move in. I walked to him, bent over and picked up the rattle he dropped and started cueing my heart out, he responded with the biggest giggle a baby could make. Ok, so I am a mother and I love babies!

What were you thinking, that maybe I was talking about a nice big cowboy in his wranglers?

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