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I have never in my life even paid attention to politics. I either was not mature enough, did not care enough, or just figured it does not affect me. But this year, I have been paying attention. I am not registered to vote in this state. I did vote back in California, but I just asked my husband who and what I should be voting for and that is how I voted.

I have come to the conclusion that I do not want anyone that is running for president to be president. I do hope that whoever it is does in fact make a national health care system. As to the war, I don’t think we should have ever been there (though I wholeheartedly support our troops!) and I firmly believe that we need to just stop thinking we need to be in every war there is. We are supposedly the most powerful country, but gosh, do we have to try and save the world? I guess we are not really saving these other countries, we are saving our oil and other precious resources that the Bush men are in bed with for.

I see our fellow Canadians and even know a few and they just live their lives and get healthcare when they need it without worrying that they won’t be able to make their mortgage payment because they have to go to the doctor, and they have no worries that they will be attacked for something their country does or does not do because they just go about living their lives and leaving others alone.

I know I am naïve in many things, but I do know that I hate politics, no matter where it happens.

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