This ever happen to you?

by - 11/18/2007 02:23:00 PM

We live in a small town, we live off a dirt road, we live down this long easement that only goes to our home. We are about 5 acres away from our nearest neighbor. One day last year their goat came over to our property and our 2 dogs played around with it, but we shooed the goat home. Our dogs went over to the neighbors and they decided they would go play with the goat again, but this time they went a little too far. They drew blood. So, panic floods my veins and I hurriedly call the neighbor to tell them all that happened. They run out, get their goat and off to the vet they go. We find out that the vet could do nothing but clean the wound and give it painkillers. The goat came home nice and clean and in no pain. Me, wanting to show that I would do the right thing, offered to pay the vet bill. Now, I always did my best to not let my dogs wander the area, but at times they did, so the next day I got rid of my dogs for fear that if they did this to a goat, they may do it to other animals or perhaps a child if they got off my property. We have had neighbor dogs come over and eat our chickens, but we always just shoo them away, we can’t do much else.

Anyway…I paid the $223 vet bill with my next paycheck and even put off my truck payment a week to do so. 28 days after the incident, the neighbors invite us and a few others over for a bbq. One of the things they would be serving would be goat meat. You do not know how thrilled I was to find out that they killed this goat because it would not stop terrorizing their horses and their dogs and were going to bbq the thing. Needless to say, we did not go to the bbq, nor did we talk to them much over the next few months. We often times refer to the neighbor’s $223 goat that we bought for their bbq, in conversations, when we choose to be sarcastic (which isn’t that often).

Now, I say, this is definitely something that has happened to you, right?

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