M, my oldest, my first born…

by - 11/03/2007 06:12:00 PM

When we moved here to Arizona, we had to leave 5 of the kids back in CA. They were all grown and had their lives, we brought the baby who was 14 and was going to start high school with us. My oldest boy, M, rented a home in the same tract we lived in (same 5 bedroom floor plan as our home was) a few years before we moved. At that time he had 2 of his brothers and another roommate sharing the home with him. I think we saw more of the boys then from when they lived at home. They would stop off at our place on the way home from work and end up eating there and doing laundry and such. In the last 7 years that M has lived there he has had every brother and sister live there at one point. There are now 3 of my sons, M, K, and J and a stray roommate sharing this place. They all seem to migrate back there to M’s place. They all end up supporting each other through girlfriends or boyfriends and breakups. One of my sons has a daughter that the mother of the child will never let him see (he tries to get the courts to help him to no avail). My daughter has a son that lives with the other grandmother that lives close by because my daughter unfortunately found drugs (more on this later) with her son’s father (he is no longer in the picture and my daughter has 21 days left of a her service and she will be able to have her son home again). But through all this, they are some spectacular human beings and I am proud to say they are mine.
Even when we were missing towels, toilet paper, ketchup and the washer and dryer was going 2 hours every night and you could never find a tool in the garage if you wanted to.
Life is grand and I am blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Hey--thanks for visiting, and the helpful comment. Oddly enough, I do talk to myself a lot...but I have to remember to do it in private or else people start to think I'm crazy.

  2. nice blog! helping me get started


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