Four Tens..

by - 5/09/2008 07:30:00 PM

Next week I will be starting to work 4 ten hour days a week. Unfortunately I do not get to have Friday off. That would have been too nice because my hubby has Fridays off. The only available days to pick from to have off was Tuesday or Thursday. I chose Thursday. Which is pretty good for when I want a 4 day weekend, I need only take a Friday off.

And hey… 4th of July is on a Friday this year… yeehaw!

I have already been making a list (yes I tend to make lists and bad as that is, I save these lists forever it seems) of all the things I want to do on my days off. So far, it is all work that grace my list, but I have to start tackling it sometime, so I can feel fulfilled and enjoy life with things in order. HA! That will be the day.

I know when I used to tackle things in the past when the kids were little, it seemed that I made more chores for myself if I gave the kids chore lists. It was better just doing it myself.

So, next Thursday we will see if I actually accomplish something or if I just veg out. I hope for the strength to do at least one thing on my list.

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  1. nice to hear others make lists all the time , I think i started doing it because I would forget things now i suppose it's habit , if only i could follow those lists we have for shopping strictly would save a fortune


  2. I work 4 10 hour shifts also. At first it's hard to get used too (at least it was for me anyway) but once your used to it time just seems to fly by!

  3. So far I like the 4 tens, it is nice to be home alone and with it so quiet. now I can do catch up on reading my new favorite blogs.


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