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by - 6/12/2008 09:14:00 AM

I promised a little blurb about our weekend adventure to the Equifest. It is my day off today and there is so much I should be doing, but I don't know where to start, so here I sit writing and reading.*smiles*

Saturday, June 7th......What a great time we had. This was actually our “horse riding class”. Our instructor had us attend this instead of class. I am glad he did. We learned a lot, we got to a check out several clinics. The first one we chose was about lameness and hoof care. We learned about treating abssesses, um abcessiss, no abscesses, yea that’s it, which we had not been doing completely correct before and that alone was a good thing to learn for us.

Then we went to a safety class that was put on by Rocco from the show “Cowboy U” (I love that show). I forgot what Rocco said about when it was going to be on again, I will have to check it out on the internet. Anyway, Rocco and his horse showed us things to do to be safe around horses.

Then we went into the large arena where Rocco introduced us to his best wrangler at his ranch. They had set up several jumps to have this wrangler, who was riding bareback, to show us the agility of the wrangler and horse. The topic was about the importance of warming up your horse before going out on a ride of any kind.

Rocco went on and on about how lucky he was to have the best wrangler there ever was to work his horses and be a part of his ranch.... that wrangler is a GIRL!! Did you hear me...a GIRL! YeeHaw!!

We ran into people we knew and would gab a little. I over heard hubby mentioned to one of our friends from class about how we have had 2 round pens and have not used them for anything other than to stall a horse or two when we needed. We just did not have the dedicated time to use them as round pens., so we ended up taking them down and using the panels to make separate stalls for each horse. Anyway, hubby also said that we have enough pipe fencing material to make a round pen again (I don't think hubby knew I was in ear shot of that comment).

So then off to the next arena....
This is Clay , a John Lyons instructor,

he trains horses throughout the US. He had a nice paint from a lady in the audience that he was showing how to take care of problems/habits that an older horse has been allowed to get away with or a horse that has just not had any training. This paint was pretty well behaved. He was very much a one sided horse, being comfortable with some things on one side only. The lady had this horse for about 8 months and she has a long way to go.

Then back to seeing Rocco for more general safety things. Again we see people we know and gab... LOL

Oh, oh… there was also a tack swap meet and we were able to pick up a beautiful headstall / reins and bit set (we only needed the reins, but we can always use the extra headstall) which were only $35, a nice fleece lined cinch for $5 and replacement stirrups for $20 (one of mine our old previous dog, Rambo, got to and chewed off some of the leather). Woohoo, a good day!

I like going out on the weekends cause I get to wear clothes. Ok, not that I run around nekkid all the time, it’s just that I wear scrubs every work day. So it is nice to dress in my wranglers, wear my new bling bling belt and all. It almost feels funny to wear normal clothes.

So after the equifest, I kinda ease into .... "so, we do have enough to make a round pen?" I ask hubby and we decide that yes we need to put up a round pen again. Cool, I love working outdoors when the weather is nice!

Chit.. that reminds me how much work I need to do.

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  1. That sounds like a really fun time! I have wanted to go to some type of clinic for a long time. A good friend of mine were planning one in 2007 but she was tragically killed in an automobile accident Feb 22, 2007. I miss her to this day.

    Didn't mean to get emotional there. I need to just find out about one on my own. After all I live in Kentucky, the land of horses so surely there will be someone coming close soon!

  2. Thanks for stopping in, I am sorry to hear of your friends passing.
    I am sure you will find an event to go to. Check with your local feed store to start.

  3. What a wonderful clinic! I really enjoyed reading about all the things you got to see and hear. Great buys on the tack too.

    So sorry you lost your little Tank. As another animal lover I know how hard this must be for you. I hope you had many good years with him and wonderful memories.

  4. That sounds like a great time. I need to check and see if there's anything like that around here. I sure could use some lessons!

  5. Sounds like a great time! I love going and learning new things and of course the shopping!

  6. What A Great Time!!! I would just about give my eye teeht to see that Appy of Rocco's. I LOOOOOVVVEEE that horse... and Rocco is just too flipping cool. Dear Husband and I love that show.

    It is just fantastic that you guys got to go to the Expo, and get out for a bit. Expos are fantastic. I used to loooove going and working a booth when I did my apprenticeship. The people were so much fun! And the Horses....

    In the meantime, Happy Trails and Class Time!! Keep up the great job on the blog too!

  7. The EXPO sounded great! I think so much can be learned from attending one. Plus, you get to gab a lot and shop, too! ;)
    That is so exciting you might be getting a round pen again! Luckily our arena is fairly small. It is no round pen, but it is not so large that free-luning is impossible without running a mini-marathon.
    I know what you mean about wearing normal clothes, as a teacher I dress in khakis almost every day, but love putting on my cowgirl bling, too! It's about all I wear these days.

  8. I'd love to hear some of the recommendations Rocco had for being safe around horses, if you'd care to share it.

    Sounds like a great time.


  9. Sorry for a delay of responding...
    Thank you all for stopping by!

    Carolyn, I will do a blog post pretty soon on the things I learned at the Equifest.


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