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by - 6/19/2008 12:05:00 PM

This is in the computer room. This cabinet my youngest son, TRuck made for me, it has doors and even latches, but I am not sure what it would look like because it is always open... HA!

What graces my workstation…
1 ….. Picture of my daughter Pookie and my newborn grandson, MLR.
2 ….. the messy bulletin board full of all the sign in and passwords to bunches of sites.
3 …..Picture of my son JDrums and my granddaughter KyKy
4 ….. A Hot Wheels rescue truck. MLR literally loves fire trucks and rescue vehicles,
he gave this to me and I treasure it.
5 …..Page ripped from a magazine advertising a book I want to read.
6 ….. Horse & Rider magazine, May issue (currently reading “A Calmer Horse” by Clinton Anderson)
7 ….. USB attachment for the camera (always on the ready).
8 ….. Horsey mouse pad.
This is actually clean.... LOLOLOL!!

Now, the view from out the computer room window... You can see the little patch of where I was able to pull weeds last week.

This is my night time workstation... my bed...

And the view from my bedroom window.I am constantly looking out at my windows to watch my beautiful beasts.

If you have not been tagged yet.. then consider this it…
BUT you must go over to PONY GIRL RIDES AGAIN and mention in the comments that you have posted your workstation for all to come and see.

Have fun y'all.

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  1. Nice work station. I added you to my blog roll and Thanks so much for adding me. I think you are the first to add me to a blog roll. Funny how something like that can be exciting. Thanks again, can't wait to read more about your life.

  2. I LOVE your views (weeds and all). Currently my two boys (My husband and I have two daughters and a girl dog. Our only boys are our horses.) are boarded about 8 miles from our house. Not far away but not close enough. Hubby actually wants them to be able to walk right up to our home windows. One day, I hope we are able to do that.

    Thanks for playing, I am enjoying seeing other's blogging spaces.

  3. It's nice to be able to look out the window and see what's going on with your horses isn't it? Looks like you have a busy work station there too, can't wait to read more posts.

  4. I too read Pony Girl and need to do this. She is just a hoot!
    I have meet so many great horsey bloggers out there!
    Love your space!
    I too constantly check on our horses throughout the day!
    I have a window right by the computer and one over my kitchen sink! The best scenry ever! And don't get me started on weeds!

  5. Jen, thanks for coming by. Thanks for adding me too. I love the world of blogging, when I have done something stupid or sometimes in the middle of the night I will think..."hm... gotta add this to the blog".

    Horse Dreamer, Before we crossed fenced, we had the horses come to our windows all the time. I have pictures of when they would come to the back sliding door and stick their heads in and "beg" for a carrot. I will have to post a blog on that... LOL We do let them wander outside the pasture about once a week, in fact I have pictures of them weed whacking on the backside of our home.
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope one day soon you get your boys home with you too!

    Grey Matters, There are times I wished I had a barn (my dream) with an extra stall in it just for my computer.

    kdwhorses, Yeppers...I agree about the horsey blog world. I learn things, I laugh, I have even shed a tear and its all good. And my hubby even pipes in with a blog or two every so often.

  6. BTW-got my blogging space post up! I have enjoyed reading about everyone's special place!!


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