Riding class...

by - 6/02/2008 09:22:00 PM

Hubby and I attended our first class tonight. We even had a test, which everyone got the answers right because the instructor did the test with us... HA!
We watched a dvd with Clinton Anderson showing safety tips about getting the horse ready to be saddled and how to take care of your tack. A little boring, but I certainly learned something.

This class will be a fun and informative class. We will get to ride twice a week with the class and we sure do need the instruction. Luckily our horses trailer well and stand well to get saddled.

This Saturday is the local Equifest that our instructor has made attendance mandatory to cover our first Saturday class, which I am actually very happy to attend. I think the whole class is happy about that decision. The Equifest is sponsored 100% by Olsen's Grain this year and there will be several clinician that I want to see. It will be a busy fufilling day.

Well, Sorry such a short post, but its bedtime. Nite nite. Talk at ya tomorrow if I can.

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  1. Equifest... now that sounds like fun! Sounds like Equitana - a heap of horse related services/products on display from their vendors?

    Your riding class sounds good - I love an excuse to get together with others and talk horses.. and learn something. And hey, if there's a piece of paper at the end of it, all the better!

  2. This class of yours sounds like a blast! Bet you get a world of info from it, and going to the Equifest demands PICS! hehehe

    Have fun with this adventure- looking forward to hearing more about it!

  3. Thank you Chris and Mrs Mom,
    I will take pics at the Equifest. And hubby and I will surely have a good time while learning at the riding class. There are only 13 students, so I am certain we will not be lost amongst others. Besides the instructor is a super duper guy.


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