Little boys...

by - 6/20/2008 11:47:00 PM

It is such a joy to have these little boys D&J, it certainly brings back the memories of when my 6 kids were little.

Two nights ago after feeding the horses we go to the other end of the property where we had some ride-on toys. Each of the boys picks a toy and I carry the other 2 over to the back door. Then back out to finish the feeding chores. I was out feeding the chickens and the boys went into the garage with TRuck. TRuck had his truck parked backward into the garage to pick up his welder. D&J go in to see what is happening and no doubt to get into something they should not be into. TRuck talks to them and plays with them a little. The hubby arrives home and we go about gathering the boys to go in and eat dinner. Lo and behold, they come to me with hands as black as can be. They had put their hands into the tailpipe of Truck’s truck. Of course, my first thought (I didn’t say good thought) was to rub their hands to try and get it off. Now I have black on my hands.

A little note here: Do not rub this like it is the latest and greatest hand cream on the market. Then don’t have your hubby hold the kids up to the sink and you put a dab of soap in their hands and begin to wash and watch as the mess grows and travels up their little arms. Then don’t let them down without making sure you have a towel ready because they then might use your pant leg to wipe off. Then before you can get your hands clean, they have found something else to mess with. Not that I did this, nah… just take my word on it.

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  1. LOL--- ahhh yes... welcome to the insanity of little dudes again... ;)

    Arent they great though? I bet those two are having so much fun with you guys, with the critters and all the things going on there...

    Give them an extra hug from the Southland. I am glad they are with you- and can see that all of Life is not bad.

  2. The boys sound like they are having a great time being little boys. They must surely love being with you and the critters.

  3. Mrs Mom, Grey Matters... thanks for stopping in!
    So far so good with these little guys. They are great, I am TIRED...LOL


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