What's wrong with this?

by - 6/21/2008 07:34:00 AM

I can't believe this was even allowed to be published...
Over at Oh Horse Feathers she was talking (ok, she was doing one of her wonderfully famous Publice Announcements (I love her public announcements, btw)) about safety around horses. And this just brings it home way too clear how irresponsible something like this can be to even represent that being in this position is ok. I hope some young person doesn't try this at home!
I plan on emailing the magazine after I have my riding class...which I am off to do in a few.

Y'all be safe now ya hear!!

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  1. Amen to that. Although I will admit, my own child has been in nearly the same position, (just smack me in the head, I knew better) it's a better idea to teach them how to properly pick up a hind foot, which she does now. But no, not a good idea to put it on the cover of the magazine. Country Mag (by Taste of Home people) had an article like this a few yrs back, had a 4 yr old nailing a shoe on. I can't imagine letting my 4 yr old mess with nails and hammer on a hoof at this point. She has to hit the nail first, lol. I've held the nail for her on wood recently and um, NO, she won't be nailing shoes on for a LONG time.
    Good post, good catch!

  2. OH my! They obviously didn't think before they published it! Unfourtuntely there will be someone who will try this and get hurt. I agree with ya, not a good mag cover. Mrs. mom is a riot, I just love her posts!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Duh! This is pretty stupid.Hope no one gets hurt because of it.


    Whats the email to that mag? I'll send one along as well... good golly miss molly...

    That little dude is a cutie- sure hope he keeps his FACE (and his LIFE) intact there...

  5. Hey Mikey, good to hear from you. We miss ya! I am sure that when you say you had a little one in that position, it was not to "advertise" about Farm & Ranch life for the world to see. We all can have a moment that stupid things happen, but I am sure we don't PUT the event into light and even pose them for a picture.

    Here is the email (it is the only one and it is for subscriptions) but I am going to email them here.
    This issue was for June/July 2008.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!
    Happy horsin' around!

  6. I saw that cover at the farm store and the same thought crossed my mind...not a safe place for that little buckaroo to be, regardless of the adult being there, even if the horse is ole Plodhopper with one foot in the grave. Role modeling is important!

  7. C'mon I'm sure its just a prop leg! And that young strong cowboy looks like he's got a good hold on that leg! eeeee! Maybe the angle of the camera? I can't imagine? We were at the ranch this weekend and there was a little fella helpin daddy shoe his horse. He knew where to stand! The dad made sure he was never in harms way! Leave it to us mothers to spot danger!!


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