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I dread this time. My lovely palomino, Jackie, she stands still for me when I go toward her with the syringe. She does this liplock thing and starts drooling before I get near her mouth, but she does not fight me. She waits til I am done, then gets her tongue moving a tiny bit, but she will actually stays tight lipped for, um gosh, 2 minutes. I even gave her a little equine senior right after to get her to eat and get rid of the taste of that awful stuff, but she waits. She is such a mellow girl.

Then I move to Bunny, our big beauty. She begins the dance...she paces a few times, then allows me to put a rope around her neck, but she won't stop moving her head. I wait until I get hubby to help me. She still wants to move her head up and down, then finally decides we are not going to give in until she lets us administer the dastardly tasting gunk. She has spunk for her 22 years.

Then onto the baby, Toby. I mix his in mare and foal pellets and a little alfalfa and some molasses, he hesitates and sniffs and snorts and shakes his head, but I keep pressure at his side to get him to eat, he reluctantly does. He is a good boy.

I vow to get the apple flavored dewormer for next time!

What is your method for giving dewormer?

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  1. Hmmm... over the years, we have had a few who were putzs to worm, but they settled down pretty quickly. If you can get them to bend their head towards you, as you stand kinda wiht your back to thier shoulder, it helps too. Then you can slide the tube in and presto- they are wormed, and can't readily lift their heads up. Do it quick too, so they dont anticipate a problem, and life smooths out there! ;)

    Your horseshoeing class ought to show you a lot of info too. You and Daddy/ NotDa Cowboy should be very proud of yourselves for going to the classes and learning. So many people dont bother!! It's great that you are taking the extra time there!

    Hi^ 5 from this corner! ;)

  2. I have to deworm the kids? I never knew.

  3. Mrs Mom, even though we have had a horse for almost 5 years, we consider ourselves novice horse owners. For the sake of our beloved animals, the least we can do is learn what we can to keep them healthy and happy.

    Jack... that is funny!

  4. What a relief! I thought my mare was the only one not wanting that yucky paste! I have to have my Husband help me, she is so tall I can't reach when she throws her head up! He usually has to grab her lower lip, (to release those endorphins!) Then I have to rub her throat so she swallows it! We just wormed all our horses too!

  5. Momma/ COwgirl- wanted to pop in here too, and make sure you saw my reply to you at the main horsefeathes blog... I wanted to say sorry that comment came across on the rough side... That was not the intent!

    Sorry that it came out that way- I need to NOT write when I am distracted and irritated.... :)

  6. OH- and even though horses have been my life since I had legs, there are MANY days when i still feel in the Novice catagory too. Learn every day! Best way to learn things IMO- ask your horse ;) Best teachers out there :)

  7. I am here to have a little fun with this blog even in the vulnerable times.
    And I just love visiting other's blogs to learn, laugh, cry, have fun and did I say Learn?
    I am blessed with the love of family and now my horses in a life that makes for a grand time of it all.

    Thanks so much for coming by!

    BTW, I am so addicted to reading blogs, it is my night time ritual now.... hehehe

  8. for our problem children we make a "sandwich" - fold the wormer paste into a piece of bread. it worked for our absolute worst ones thank God! some of mine do spit out the bread darn it, but actually they are the ones who are NOT a pain to just squirt with the tube...

  9. I have gotten my mom addicted to reading blogs now, too! ha ha! :)

    My gelding is a pill to de-worm! I can't do it myself. I have my sister's (strong) boyfriend grab a hold of his nose and once he gets a good grip, my boy gives up and freezes, and then the wormer goes in. It takes the boyfriend a few tries to get the nose. We don't even hassle with a twitch since the worming doesn't take long, it'd take too long to get the twitch on. Oh, last time in the rotation, I used pellet wormer mixed with his feed. I've also considered trying to mix the paste wormer in w/his grain, hoping he might chomp it down. He did that with bute, but that is a different consistency.

  10. Both my babes are a challenge to worm. I always get the flavored type of paste but they still hate it. The gelding never does well, throws his head up (at 16h and me at 5' it isn't very easy). My mare is unpredictable. I don't think she had ever been wormed until I got her. In fact I don't think she had ever even been vacinnated. She does fairly well considering it is all new to her. I have only owned her for about a year now but she get better every time. Giving her the stranges vacinnation was fairly easy and I know it was the first time for that. My 16 yr old daughter gave both of them their vacinnations this year. She is growing up and learning!

  11. Speaking of Strangles can you imagine how unpleasant that is having that up your nose? YUK!


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