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by - 6/07/2008 09:55:00 PM

What a day hubby and I had. We went to a cool event in the next town. An Equifest. I did get pics! Tomorrow I will write all about it. I even got me some kettle corn,,,yum!

This evening hubby had to move a water line that was at the end of the stalls that broke this morning, so while he was doing that I worked with Bunny (our big beauty QH) with leading with respect. We had allowed her to basically walk too close and too fast, mainly because we did not know what we were doing as a horse owner. It took very little time to have her back to being respectful and minding well. She had it in her from years of being handled, it was me that did not have the knowledge to keep her in line consistently.
Then when hubby was done with the line, we took Jackie (our palomino) and Toby, her baby colt, out on lead lines. Jackie is so well tuned and doesn't need work, but we figured to have Toby watch and learn. He did amazingly well. This was the first time we actually "worked" on him leading. Maybe it helps that his trust with us is strong. Plus his mommy has been a great teacher. Hubby and I tease that she is so laid back and mellow that we have to put a quarter in her to move. In a horse training class, we were told that horses young can get a lot of their mannerisms from the mother. We feel we are truly blessed with this little guy, he is a good boy.

Then we came in and watched the Nationwide Nascar Race, (it was recorded). Good thing about recording the race is we can blast through the commercials, bad thing is that sometimes you have to make sure you also set the DVR to record the program that follows the race. Sure enough, it was down to 3o laps to go and the recording stopped and we had not gotten the following program recorded. CHIT! hehehe. We did find out that the driver we hoped would win, won... cool!

Now it is my time to visit blogs. I started at 8:30, it is now 10:45. I start out at the ones I have in my blogroll, then I tend to branch out and end up reading a ton more. There is just not enough time to continue with my venture tonight for much longer cause my eyes are burning but there are so many cool blogs to check out. I AM ADDICTED. I have so many new ones I want to add to my blogroll.... all in time, it will happen.

I visited Pony Girl Rides Again blog a few minutes ago and she mentioned that over at Mud Ranch's Real Dirt blog about a great game going there where you can pick which of Doreman Burn's cowgirl portraits best represent you. So, I picked....Gotta have the hair just right and a nice pair of earrings on to go riding...LOL Actually I wished I could look so good in my wranglers.. HA!
So, if'n you gals want to browse through some nice pics and choose your likeness, check it out here.
Thank you Pony Girl for sharing that, I had fun.

Now onto reading a little longer, then nite nite for me.

Talk at y'all tomorrow!

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  1. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all the blog stuff I would like to do. One day the power was off and I couldn't do anything on my computer and I got so much housework done! ha! I do have to limit myself as I really could sit right here and visit nice people and get to know what's going on in their part of the world. Fun isn't it?
    Liked all the pictures you put in. I like seeing other peoples horses, what they look like, what breed they are, what problems they have and are working on. I took a tumble off my old horse yesterday. Actually he stumbled and fell down, scared the wits out of me. Called the vet and he said to put him on some bute which I did. He seems to be moving better this morning but I am a bit stiff and sore. Too old to be falling off horses! lol! Don't know why he fell, he's quite old but is in good shape. Will talk with the vet again tomorrow. Thank goodness we were on the lawn and just trotting.
    One of my ponies hates to be wormed too. He will stand right up on his hind feet. He is the one that we rescued from an abusive situation so we have to go slow and easy with him. Now to worm him I make him a molasses and wormer sandwich and put it in his feeder at night. By morning it's gone, works like a charm! Sure beats trying to get that into his mouth, making him scared and risking getting stepped on! :o)

  2. I'm with midlife mom on the blogs, I have them in my reader and it still says I have 223 new posts to catch up on. I can't believe I've gotten that far behind in just a couple of couldn't be that I have a zillion blogs I want to read. lol

  3. I just started blogging this year and I LOVE IT!! There are so many amazing writer's out there and it's so fun to see what everyone is up to.

    P.S. I like the pic you chose. I'll have to go check it out.

  4. The Equifest sounded fun! I wanted to go to a horse festival like that here last year but I got sick and couldn't make it.

    I hope you had fun with the Doreman Burn's game Mud Ranch posted. I really want to order one of his prints someday!

    I know what you mean about catching up on blogs. I am up late right now doing that myself....I have tomorrow off so I can stay up a little bit later tonight. I should be doing laundry or cleaning...hee!

  5. Momma Cowgirl, one more thing!! That was so cute you printed out parts of my blog to read on your lunch break! ;) I am SO flattered.
    Cowboy Romance novels? Well, I usually find them at second hand book stores, Barnes and Noble bookstores, or even the local drugstores/grocery stores. A few authors you might want to check out on (then you can read a summary of their books) are: Linda Lael Miller, Joan Johnston, and Genell Dellin. Happy reading!


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