Sleepless Nights

by - 6/04/2008 07:55:00 PM

It’s very easy to lose sleep. Sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about what lies ahead. Maybe its bills or maybe it’s the job or maybe its family or pets. I lay here in the middle of the night, thinking about those horrible little lint people. It started years ago when all six kids were in their teens. Having such a large family on a single paycheck I had to fix everything I could. Time after time I yelled at the kids and sometimes even at cowgirl/momma to clean out the lint trap in the dryer. Time after time none of them would admit to the crime. That really pissed me off. Now, there are only three of us and the lint screen in the dryer is still packed with lint. Cowgirl/momma insists she empties it every time. Hey, I know cowgirls don’t lie. So I started looking around. First I looked behind the dryer and then in the dryer vent. I found nothing. I wondered where the lint came from. We always threw it away after we cleaned the screen. Then it hit me. Now I know where all my single socks went to. The little lint people must grind them up and pack them in the dryer screen. When I went to bed, I knew I was on the right trail. I’ll find them suckers yet. That morning, when I woke up I saw it right away. I didn’t want to move. They knew I was after them and to show me they were not afraid, they placed a large piece of lint in my belly button. This is one time when I wish I had an outty.

Maybe a little lint in the dryer screen is not so bad after all.

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  1. LOL!! NOW that makes total sense!!! Works for me as an expalnation on where the heck my socks have gone all these years... blasted Lint Peoples....

    So how do we go about CATCHING the little buggers?


  2. they are like leprechauns,ya cant catch em so i dry my socks in the chicken coop under the heat lamps...i wonder why my feet tickle

  3. Glad I stopped by and got that mystery solved for me! :) Made me smile. Lint seems to take over my laundry room. Oh, and I have a garbage bag full of unmatched socks! I should probably throw them away and start over.

  4. I can now throw away all of my mismatched socks, too. I was hoping they would come back, but I'm guessing no.


    And here I was blaming the dryer this whole time.

    Here by way of Jack. (Thank you, Jack.)


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