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Got you ladies attention, didn’t I? Sorry, there not on a cowboy. When walking through Wal-Mart or other stores, I can’t keep up with cowgirl/Momma. She’s not very fond of shopping….Now, at the Equifest, it’s another story. The first reason to walk slowly is to check out the surroundings, anything from tack to cowboys. The second reason is those tight ass jeans. Her steps are a might shorter. Now I wouldn’t be complaining if I were able to walk behind her. I couldn’t seem to accomplish that. Hey, maybe she wanted to walk behind me so I couldn’t see her checking out other jeans. You know the ones that have broad shoulders and a cowboy hat above them. I don’t really mind much, cause I know who she’ll be bunking with tonight and every night. It was a good day even though we spent a bit much.

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  1. I sure love you to pieces my hubby!

  2. LOL, You should talk to my husband about what he had to endure at the Midwest Horse Fair I dragged him to.

  3. I think it is just awful when people focus all their attention on the hind end of a man or woman! I mean c'mon we aren't wearin hides and loin cloths anymore! There is more to a Cowboy than a nice fittin pair of jeans! They are hard working,honest, individuals who just happen to wear "Jeans"...So the next time someone put's a photo on their blo...Ok! Ok! I can't take it ANYMORE! I am SO kidding!! And if you thought for one mila second I was serious you have not seen my Ropin Weekend Post!! Of course we all look!! It can't be helped! There is something about those Jeans that draws your eye! I agree with you, let the others look.My Cowboy knows "Any ol' love won't do! I've got the only arms he's ever come runnin to." About those Loin cloths....


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