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Tomorrow is friday! Where did the week go?
It actually started Saturday... it had rained the day before and the ground was quite wet. We ended up working in the garage. We cleaned the garage out. We redid an old "chicken hotel" for the chickens to be able to roost in a more appropriate place instead of the old TV stand that was in their cage. At mid morning we found out a good friend had been in a bad quad accident. There was nothing we could do but wait for more information.
Sunday we worked in the yard a little, we did not get the tomato plants or any of the garden done that we were hoping to, but it was in our thoughts. HAHA. We came in and watched Nascar racing and vegged out a little. Then we found out more about our friend. He had gone over the edge of a trail. He tumbled head first down about a 4 foot drop and landed on his side on a pile of rocks, then the quad came down and landed on him. It took 4 hours before rescue crews could get him out to an area where he could be life-flighted to Phoenix. That was all we found out for then.
Monday we got to ride the horses... yeehaw! Pics in MY next post! (Seems hubby is hooked on blogging cause he is sitting at the desktop computer writing his own at this moment.)
Later Monday we found out that our friend had gone into surgery for his broken hip. Apparently it all started when he was rounding a curve on the trail and ended up going over the edge. The buddy he was with was able to pull the quad up off him and our friend was going to try and climb up, but he realized he could not move, One foot was turned the wrong way. There was no cell service, so the buddy had to leave our friend and try and get a call out. Our friend was able to right his wrong way foot with his other foot and prop it up with a rock for a little more comfort. The ambulance and fire truck could not get close to where he was, so they hiked in and worked on him, there were some cowboys that came in and ended up getting some nearby ranchers to help out. Finally, 4 hours later our friend was loaded in the helicopter had about a 10 minute window to lift off or weather would ground them again.
Tuesday, back to the grind of a work day, then home to do a little laundry and gather things to bring to the hospital.
Wednesday.. to the hospital with hubby and a few other buddies. The drive is not too bad, it only took about an hour and 45 minutes. Our friend is doing quite well. He says his hip, which the bone that goes into the pelvis was broken, has pins in it and he is already walking pretty well. He had broken 9 ribs and that was what the doctors were most concerned about. Until his chest stops bleeding they cannot let him out. Looks like it will be Saturday that he will get to go home.

Today was... back to work for both hubby and I. It is month end, so I am under pressure to get as much accomplished as I can (each month is the same). But I love what I do. One more day, then it is weekend and we will go riding again. We plan on trailering the horses to somewhere we have not been to before.
Whhhheewwwww. Can't wait til tomorrow is over!

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  1. While you guys are off having fun riding your horses I'll be at work....Totally jealous! Have a great weekend!

  2. We don't get to ride much, so we want take every moment we can to do it. I hope you get to ride soon, Jamie!

  3. if i read this right you are here in AZ - if you like to trail ride you should join this website (it's free) i have met SO MANY neat people from all over the state to ride with, i have ridden more this past year than the past 5 years with the club i paid for!

    hope to see you on the trails!

    and hope your friend will be OK soon!!!

  4. I actually did find that website on your blog and have joined the forum. I do hope to find others to trail ride with. Right now we are taking riding lessons thru the college and that will take some of our time. We also may be getting a new foster child, so we will have to wait and see how things go.

    Our friend has come home from the hospital and he is in good spirits and is healing well, thank you for your thoughts.
    take care and happy horsin' around!


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