Friday, May 9, 2008

Cleaning Time...

I guess that means it must be spring.

I hate spring cleaning. I have so many things on my list of what I want to get done, let alone the normal things that one is supposed to do when it is “spring cleaning time”.

A few weekends ago I sat and watched 3 of those home and/or landscape improvement shows and of course that is the worst thing that I can watch. Because, dayyyyumm, now I have added even more to my “things I want to do” list. I know time will let me forget the enthusiasm I had when I first watched the shows and my desire will wane and I can remove a few things off that list.

But I really would much rather be outside with the horses or doing a project, anything to not be stuck in the house.

OK… time to get off my butt and get out there and muck those stalls.. which is not on my list.

1 comment:

  1. my favorite thing to do is, if i actually do something that is not ON my list, i write it on the list and then cross it right off and i feel i have accomplished something lol

    my list is always tremendously longer than my available time and energy so i never get done...

    but how do you live without a list???


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