off to a baseball game...

by - 5/17/2008 12:41:00 PM

Here we sit in a hotel room in not the best of areas in Phoenix. We are here to go see the DiamondBacks play (baseball). We are here more for the concert after the game..Trace Atkins, yeehaw! We are here to celebrate my birthday with these events.

We hit the Jacuzzi and pool at 9:15pm last night (after running around the city looking for a walmart or the like to get a bathing suit), it was 82 degrees here and it felt good to get wet. We were the only people in the Jacuzzi or pool. I guess all the other mass of people that are coming to see Trace Atkins have afforded better hotel rooms.. HA!

We ate the continental breakfast in the hotel that was not all that bad. I had some good orange juice and a hardboiled egg and what I thought was a plain mini breakfast muffin…. eck, it turned out to be blueberry (I know, I know…who doesn’t like blueberry). Then back up to the room to watch mundane tv.. or better yet, check out blogs. LOL.

Noon now and while I sit and read others fun blogs the hubby says he is a bit hungry. We wonder if we should go ahead and eat lunch, then snack before the game or snack now and eat later. He decides we should wait til closer to the game to have an actual meal so he goes down and gets his snacks. I comment to him when I notice the chips and three musketeer candy bar….. mmm something sweet and something salty. He nonchalantly and quite seriously looks at me and says, “the veggie machine was all sold out”. Oh my gosh, he keeps me laughin’. Ok, so you had to be there. What is worse, it took me a bit to get what he meant.

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  1. I'm jealous...You got to go to a Trace Adkins concert and I didn't!

  2. Hope you had a fun birthday...sounded like you had some fun events planned! Veggie machine sold out, thats cute! That was a good answer.
    Where did you find your new layout? I always wonder where bloggers get these new templates that aren't offered by blogger?


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