My drive to work...

by - 5/22/2008 08:49:00 AM

This is the current and only view I have had when driving to work since we moved here. This is on the east side a mile from where I come off my dirt road onto the highway. This is the to the west side at the same point on the highway.

Work is about 7 miles away, to the center of town. For the first 3 miles this is the beautiful country side we have enjoyed, then we hit the north end of town where there is actual stores and fast food places. About a year and a half after we were here we heard that an investor had bought out all this beautiful land off a cattle rancher. They have very limited cattle that they work now and I hardly ever see a cowboy even out there rustlin’ them from one field to the next. What a shame I had said, yet that was progress. Well, now that the housing market is so bad, thank goodness, the investor cannot go forth with their plan of putting homes there. The plan was 2500 homes on lots nothing smaller than an acre, a golf course and a hotel, but in the $500,000 price range (yea right). That price tag would never had made it here even when the market was booming, what the heck were they thinking. There looks to be no end to the housing market crisis so I am pleased to know it will be a long while before they destroy
my drive to work.

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  1. I love the view. All I get to see is tail lights and strip malls.

  2. It is a nice drive. I will not be so happy when the development eventually does come through.
    take care, nice to have you visit!


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