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It was cold and quite windy outside. I did my best to brush Bunny, Jackie and Toby. Jackie and Bunny still had some winter fur going in a few spots. The thing about brushing when they are not stalled is that Toby wants to be the only one being brushed. He will work his way in between my arm and his momma Jackie or is "auntie" Bunny. He is a character. Here are a few pics I got while I was out with them today.
This is Toby, he turned 2 on May 9thHere are momma Jackie and Toby (I gave them a little somethin somethin to tie them over til dinner time)

Here are auntie Bunny (our quarter horse) and Noah the goat with Tank our dog trying to get the goats goat.
Noah is the goat we got from the neighbors who lost their home to the "mortgage bandits". he loves being with our horses and he loves playing "butt heads" with Tank.

Over the next few days I will post a short picture story about our Toby.
(keeps fingers crossed I will have the time to anyway).

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  1. Hey I like the look here! The blue background is awesome. Really sets off that handsome pali and white colt there Momma ;) hehe

    Noah the goat is too cute too. Gotta love them- they have so much personality packed into those little bodies!!

    Thanks for the pics- always love seeing handsome horses!

  2. What a gorgeous boy! Does his father have a wall eye, too? I think it adds something!

    Very cute goat, too!

  3. I am SO envious! Wish I had a place big enough for a couple of horses. They look great.

  4. Thank you Mrs Mom, we absolutely love our horses.

    Chris, I am not sure what wall eye means. Toby has 2 blue eyes though. And the lovely eyeliner around both of them which I hear is a very good look.

    Jack, Thanks, we are fortunate to have our little place here.

    take care all

  5. Toby is a very beautiful boy!

  6. HEY we have a dog named Tank too! everyone thinks he is part Rottie as he has a big blocky head and brown eyebrows... but he is a lab/aussie mix so he has the lab's blocky head and the aussie's eyebrows lol - and he IS a tank, such a big boy, almost the same height as our great dane...


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