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by - 5/12/2008 07:16:00 PM

I am in a small horse club locally in our little town here. I am supposed to write the newsletter each month. I had volunteered to do this last June. I was faithful and had my newsletters out in the first few days of each month. I loved doing this for the club, it kept me involved.

Now I feel bad that I have not done one in three months and I still had not even published January’s issue, tho it is done. Tonight I vow to get out the old January issue and I will work on the 3 missing ones. They really only take about an hour and half to complete once I have all the components I want to place in them. To find good articles on information about horses can be a challenge. I can go to the internet easily, but to find articles that are not copyrighted, or that have been published with author unknown is hard to come by. I include a kids page, so at times to find something that youngun’s can have fun with is another challenge. Along with the article page and the kids page, I include a funny page, an upcoming events page, a feature on a club member page and the cover page.

I have my work cut out for me tonight.

Any suggestions on where to find some funny horse jokes??

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  1. Dunno about funny horse jokes but I always love creating word finds for my riding kids when we have theory and are discussing markings, colours, etc.

    Keeps them entertained and there are heaps of sites that will do the work for you - you supply the words and it will generate a word find.


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