Where did these come from?

by - 5/24/2008 07:04:00 AM

I swear these were not here a week ago!

They grew over night while I slept, I just know it!

Not sure you can tell, but in the 2nd pic there is suppose to be a distinct flower bed that we are trying to get bricks lined on the edge.
Last year we planted grass, we took like 4 days to prep the area getting rid of all the rocks that grow around here. HAHA. We mixed old manure well into the ground and raked and raked to get it nice and loose. Then we threw out all the seed, then added steer manure. We faithfully watered it for the first week and voila.... we had this nice little green felt going.
Then ...who'd have thought that just a few days of no water would kill the stuff...geez MY FAULT, just get busy with other things.
Do you think these weeds would die in a few days of no water... HA.. not a chance.

Now we have had rain for a day and half and it has fueled these dang weeds to just grow and grow.
Gotta get out the old weed whacker. Soon, I promise.

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  1. I hear ya... earlier today, as I walked back from across the way checking on Mom and Dad, the grass was literally crunching underfoot. We got a bit of rain this afternoon, and I kid oyu not- less than .2" of rain, and the WEEDS shot up 12" by 7pm. Whats up with that already???

    Ah well- we will take ANY rain we can get, weeds or not!

  2. Well hello! Thanks for checking out my blog! Sure can add me, Thank you! I will add you too! Look we're "related" LOL! I totally understand the grass thing too! If it's any consolation, the weeds took over mine! AND I watered it faithfuly! You can't put weed killer, on it untill you have mowed it at least 4 times! Well by then it has been taken over by weeds! SO we did SOD! It was expensive , but not in the long run of the battle of grass and weeds! Thanks again, I will be checking your page also!

  3. Thanks for stopping by.

    I am going to try and whack the dang weeds over the next 2 weeks to clear the front enough to try it again for a small grass area. We'll see how it works out. Supposedly there is a product that you can use on the grass area that will kill only the weeds coming up. I may have to check that out.

    take care and happy horsin' around.

  4. seems like where we live all that grows is weeds... i plant patches of grass and water faithfully but there are way more weeds than grass... and anywhere i don't plant and water, there are weeds there too ggrrrr i spent hours this weekend pulling them up around our bamboo hedge (screen between neighbors) because they are clogging the canal we dig between bamboo plants so we can "irrigate"... oh well, the weeds may be growing, but SO ARE THE BAMBOO hurray!


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